Research Team


Judith Wolfe is Professor of Philosophical Theology at the University of St Andrews. She welcomes PhD applications in systematic and philosophical theology, particularly in eschatology and theological anthropology, and in European philosophy in its relation to theology;in subjects in 20th-century philosophical theology that stand in dialogue with Thomas Aquinas; and in theology and the arts, especially drama, literature, and imagination in their theological and philosophical dimensions.

Brendan Wolfe is Principal Editor of the St Andrews Encyclopaedia of Theology and Honorary Reader at the University of St Andrews. His post-graduate teaching centres on Late Antique Latin, Patristics, and the influence of the pagan philosophical schools on Christianity, with further research interests in the adoption of Christianity by the Goths and the Gothic Bible.

Mattias Gassman
 is a Latinist and Roman historian. In October 2017, he graduated from the PhD program in Classics at the University of Cambridge, with a thesis on the transformation of ancient conceptions of traditional Roman paganism during the fourth century A.D. He has several published or forthcoming articles and book chapters on Late Antique authors such as Cyprian, Cyril of Jerusalem, and Augustine. His wider research interests include Roman religion, apologetic literature, later Roman history, and Christian reception of Classical Latin authors and of regal and republican Roman history. He is currently a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at Wolfson College, Oxford.

Oliver Langworthy is an Academic Editor in Christianity with the St Andrews Encyclopaedia of Theology and Associate Lecturer in Patristics at the University of St Andrews. His research is focused on the theology and biblical interpretation of Greek Late Antique writers, and the impact of their reception in later literature. His monograph, Gregory of Nazianzus’ Soteriological Pneumatology was published by Mohr Siebeck in 2019.


Undergraduate Research Assistants


Grace Docherty

Anna Herbelin

Thomas Reid